Latest Progress

I’ve been neglecting to post lately cuz I felt like I really haven’t been losing any weight lately.  Which is true.  When I finally got up the courage to have our trainer take my measurements again I was pleasantly surprised.

I had lost more inches!

Since the last time we measured, I have lost:2011 06 17 19 29 08 295 e1310352830591 108x300 Latest Progress

No weight
3/8″ in my neck
1 inch in my shoulders
1/2″ in my chest
Another 2″ in my waist!
Another 1-1/2″ in my hips!
1/2″ in my thigh
0 lost in my arms icon sad Latest Progress
Lost 3.9% body fat

Here is a recent picture, although I have kinda loose clothing on so it’s hard to tell, but they were new, and a smaller size! Yay icon smile Latest Progress
I have lost 2 sizes now.

Last week I got up 30 minutes early before work and did 20 minutes of cardio on the treadmill.  You don’t know hard that was for me, I’m definitely NOT a morning person LOL.  I only started it last Wednesday, so we’ll see how much I can keep it up this week.  I’ve got to do something to jump start my poundage loss again.  I’ll let you know how it goes …

I’ve added a new feature to my blog on the sidebar to the right >>>>>

It’s an “Exercise Video of the Week”
These will be music videos that I actually use and are my favorites for working out on the treadmill or the elliptical.  They really make it easier to go faster, longer and harder at your cardio.  What I do and you can too, is add the VEVO app to your cell phone or tablet.  From there you can find your favorite videos and watch them on your device while you work out.  Actually seeing the video and the dancing helps to get your chi (energy) up and going and makes it more fun to workout!

This first one is called “Blow” by Ke$ha.  It’s very upbeat and funny too!

Leave a comment below and let us know what your favorite music is for working out!


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Easy Dinner Tonight

We were trying to think of something for dinner tonight, and had some ground meat to use up. So I looked up several meatloaf recipes online and came up with my own healthy version.

It turned out fantastic! Add your favorite fresh veggies on the side, and if you have to have a carb too, make some brown rice.

I wanted to make this faster and easier than normal, so I thought to use a blender for most of the ingredients before mixing with the meat and the breadcrumbs. This little idea worked great and definitely made it faster than chopping things by hand.

Try it and add your own modifications!



3 pounds ground meat (2 lbs turkey, 1 lb lean hamburger)
1 medium Zucchini
1 large carrot
1 medium green pepper
1 medium onion
2 large jalepenos (cleaned and seeded)
4 – 6 cloves fresh garlic
3 teaspoons sea salt
1 teaspoon pepper
2 Tablespoons prepared mustard
1 teaspoon thyme
meatloaf Easy Dinner Tonight1 teaspoon oregano
¾ cup breadcrumbs in whatever brand & flavor you like
3 large eggs
¾ cup ketchup, organic and/or low sugar
2 Tablespoons worcestershire sauce or your favorite steak sauce


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

2. Cut veggies into uniform chunks

3. Combine all ingredients except meat, breadcrumbs and 1/3 of the ketchup into a blender and blend to desired consistency, but not totally liquified

4. Place meat and breadcrumbs in large bowl, then add veggie mixture

5. Mix well with clean hands or large spoon

6. Spray 2 glass loaf pans with Organic Olive Oil Pam, or use Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil to coat

7. Divide meat mixture in half, and place into 2 loaf pans

8. Brush remaining ketchup on top of each one

9. Bake meatloaves for 1 hour, cool for 10 minutes before serving

NOTES: To make this super healthy, use all organic and natural ingredients when possible. The jalapenos don’t really make it spicy, unless you use more, or leave the seeds in. Omit them if you need to.

Let me know what you think, and any suggestions for the recipe too. I think I’m going to try using cooked organic Quinoa instead of the breadcrumbs next! Yummm!

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Wuz happenin

These pictures were actually taken on 5/17/11.  I took them with my phone, then my phone had problems with its “gallery” and I couldn’t find the pictures! Very frustrating, but luckily a system update became available and fixed the gallery problem. And there were my pictures again!

You can see a little progress, it is going slow but steady.  Things are tightening up, especially in the rear area, I’ve lost a little in my face, I have a waist now, and my cellulite is going away, Yay!

2011 05 17 09 54 13 855 e1307840267822 169x300 Wuz happenin2011 05 17 09 53 36 152 e1307840287169 169x300 Wuz happenin

Got a new haircut too.  Changing the body, so it seemed like time to change the hair LOL.

I haven’t really lost anymore weight recently.  I may have only gained one pound on my vacation, but I think all the no-no’s end up slowing things down metabolically.  I know the alcohol defintely does.  That’s why I’m drinking iced tea right now instead of the glass of wine that I want.  icon smile Wuz happenin

I prefer to think that right now I am still gaining more muscle than losing fat, and that is the reason I don’t show any weight loss.  Sounds good anyway, doesn’t it?

So I am trying to be much better about the diet again now.  Got a little too lax there for a while.  It is hard sometimes.  You think one little bite of something here and there won’t hurt, but it does, because it leads to a lot more bites here and there.

I did buy some new workout clothes in the last few weeks.  I will try to take the next pictures in those since they’re tighter and will show more.  Not that I want them too, but maybe you can see more progress that way.

Now I want to ask you a question … What is the ONE thing that you couldn’t be without?   Is it chocolate? or alcohol? pasta? ice cream?  You tell me.  Please fill out the poll below and let’s see what everyone picks.

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Long Overdue Update

Well I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post!  I’ve been trying to write something at least weekly, but that didn’t work this time.  Life got in the way.  I’ve had a trip to Austin, a trip to South Padre Island, various weekend engagements, work, and training to deal with all this past month.

To catch up on my training, the last time we did the weigh and measure day it was on 05/11/11.
Here are my main stats from that day       and here is the total lost so far for 7 weeks
I lost another 1.5 lbs                                           8.5 lbs
I lost another 1.75 inches from my waist          6.0 inches off waist
I lost another 1.5 inches off my hips                 4.0 inches off hips
I lost another 1/2 inch off my chest                   3.0 inches off chest
I lost 3% more bodyfat                                       lost 7.7% total bodyfat
It’s going!

I had to miss some training sessions since then, due to being so busy, so the next time we weigh and measure should be next Wednesday, June 2.  I missed 2 trainings one week, and at least 3 trainings in a row the next week. We were back at it again today finally, but I must say I was glad to be exercising again.  Just that short time off had me feeling more tired, and craving more sugar than usual. 

Part of that time off was for a beach vacation with family at South Padre Island, TX.  I felt2011 05 20 14 28 00 822 300x169 Long Overdue Update better than usual in a swimsuit (Yay!), even though I have a long way to go yet.  I also had more energy than before, which came in handy when I took a walk on the beach with my husband, and fought the waves on a boogie board.  We rented a house and cooked every night except one.  One night was spaghetti, and I brought my own low carb pasta for that.  One night was chicken fajitas, and one was burgers with an italian pasta salad that I made with tons of fresh veggies.  The night we went out I had broiled seafood.  So I didn’t go off the diet too bad.  Oh, except for all the beer (Bud 55 select) and wine I drank! LOL

I weighed myself the day we left for vacation, and then the morning after the day we got back
… and I had only gained 1 pound!  I thought that was totally amazing!  I think my muscles have actually started to burn fat. icon smile Long Overdue Update

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Great Training, Great Dinner

Well I do believe that last week’s energy slump is over.  Even though I didn’t sleep that well last night (had restless leg syndrome, but all over, LOL), I felt pretty good today, and even better after our workout.

It was leg day, and we started out with squats holding weights in each hand.  I did them with 20 lb weights first, then went to 25 lb weights, which of course was harder. Also did tons of lunges again, and a few other exercises. In between all of that came the leg press again.  We alternated on the machine between me and my husband Robert.  I first did 15 reps of just 190 lbs., and that seemed easier than usual.  Then jumped straight up to 10 reps of 345 lbs, followed by … get this … 6 reps of 410 lbs!!!!!

I could hardly believe it myself!  I know using the leg press is one of the easier exercises, but man, I never expected to progress so rapidly.  Of course, I was still using the CieAura CX2 Chips and Wristband, so I’m sure that helped too.

And I guess our trainer Boyd was somewhat impressed also, since he wrote his blog post tonight about me.  You can read it here.

I need to mention my wonderful husband, Robert, who has been working out with me this whole time.  He has always had big biceps and plenty of muscle everywhere, so with his muscle memory these workouts have been mostly toning and “re-pumping up” for him. And he ALWAYS trains with more weight than me. But Boyd works him hard too.  He had Robert leg pressing 510 lbs tonight!  Simply amazing for as short a time that we’ve been doing this – which is a credit to a great trainer.

We left the gym feeling really great this evening.2011 04 25 20 05 10 491 300x169 Great Training, Great Dinner
Got home and had a nice healthy dinner of a large salad with:  mixed romaine lettuce, baby spinach, cucumber, tomato, green pepper, radishes, celery, sprouts, and mushrooms, with sliced almonds, sunflower seeds, imitation crabmeat(hey, we like it, LOL), and a fat free salad dressing.  I always try to choose organic vegetables when available.  It was very filling and satisfying, even for my hungry husband!

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4 Weeks of Weight Training & Diet Completed

I’ve been hearing that after a certain amount of time doing weight training your energy level will increase substantially.  I’m still waiting for that to happen! and ready for it now! LOL   Been very tired and sore all week, even too tired to write a post in this blog!  But I have not missed a workout or strayed from the diet, except for  the 6 hour window we get once a week.  Even during the 6 hours where we get to eat and drink whatever we want, I have pretty much stuck to the food listed on the diet, the only other thing I like to have is a couple of glasses of red wine.  One time I ate a piece of my granddaughter’s birthday cake, and the next couple of days after that I was craving sweets big time!  Much better just not to eat any sugar at all.

Okay, so yesterday was 4 weeks since we started training and I weighed myself that morning.

ANOTHER 3  POUNDS LOST!  I was happy! 

At the gym before our workout we were measured again. 
Here are my results for the last 2 weeks:

This is continuous progress and it feels good!  So to sum it all up, in 4 weeks I’ve lost 7 pounds and 15-3/4 inches!  That included another 1-3/4 inches off my waist and 1-1/2 inches off my hips.  And all the while losing fat and gaining muscle too.

Here are my BEFORE pictures compared with my 4 WEEKS AFTER pictures.  I think I look a little better … and I can fit into some of my smaller clothes now too!

2011 03 23 08 36 54 429 169x300 4 Weeks of Weight Training & Diet Completed2011 04 21 08 59 04 130 169x300 4 Weeks of Weight Training & Diet Completed

2011 03 23 08 36 40 70 169x300 4 Weeks of Weight Training & Diet Completed2011 04 21 08 59 14 827 169x300 4 Weeks of Weight Training & Diet Completed

This is working people!  It can be hard at times, but it is starting to be a lifestyle change, and I know that’s what I need.

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54 Year Old Grandmother Leg Presses Over 300 lbs!

We had a great training day Monday!

We always start out with about 8 – 10 minutes of cardio on either a treadmill or an elliptical machine.  Next, Boyd had us do lots of squats and lunges, and then MORE squats and lunges.  Then we get to the leg press.  About a week or so ago, the most I could do on the leg press was about 10 reps at 190 pounds.  Today I started with 190 lbs 12 reps, and then rested.  Before our next set I put on one of these holographic chipscx2plus blueover 54 Year Old Grandmother Leg Presses Over 300 lbs!

Next leg press was 230 lbs, 12 reps.  That was totally amazing because the 190 lbs felt plenty hard right before I put the chip on.  After resting again, I did 6 reps on the leg press, not asking what weight he put on.  All I could tell was that he increased it.

Much to my surprise, Boyd said I had just pressed 320 pounds!

Wow! I could hardly believe I did that, but I did.  I’m pretty proud of myself for that one.

I know I could not have done that with the CieAura chips and wristband.  This was a definite test for these energy enhancers and they passed.  I had put one chip on quickly without reading the directions, but in an area I knew should work.  Turns out we weren’t even using the holographic chips correctly and they still worked!cx2 over 54 Year Old Grandmother Leg Presses Over 300 lbs!

I had also been wearing one of these wristbands when I work out.

These CieAura holographic products really work!

“CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips restore balance, allowing our body’s defenses to perform at their peak abilities and give the body renewed energy and stamina. In doing so, the best medicine for the body, the body’s own natural immune system, is working at capacity.”

If an overweight, out of shape, 54 year old grandmother can do all this after just 2-1/2 weeks of training only 3 times a week, then I am completely convinced!

This weight training program is part of the Feng Shui of arranging and balancing my life and health so everything flows more smoothly and energetically.  It is already improving my mood, energy level and confidence.  I’ve even had some friends tell me they can hear it in my voice.

I definitely feel positive changes happening. icon smile 54 Year Old Grandmother Leg Presses Over 300 lbs!

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2 Week Training Update

We’ve had only 6 training sessions up until today.  We’ve been sore the next day after every one of those sessions, although not near as much as that first one.  I’ve been sticking to the diet at least 98% too.  We did get to have one 6 hour window this past week where we could eat and drink anything we wanted.  Yippeee!   We chose Saturday evening since we had some family coming over for dinner. Everything we made for dinner was actually on the diet, the only thing we did do was eat a fat with a carb.  And we did drink alcohol.  I stick to wine, and I did have a few glasses.  Stayed up late and felt pretty good the next day, just a little tired.

OK, so now it’s been two weeks since we started the weight training and diet program.  I weighed this morning and got a nice surprise … I’ve lost 4 pounds!  I thought that was very good since I should be gaining muscle too, and we all know that it weighs more than fat.  So, considering, I think 4 pounds in a couple of weeks is great.  icon smile 2 Week Training Update   2 Week Training Update

We went to our training appointment this afternoon, and it was measuring day before our workout.  Our trainer Boyd took our measurements again with the tape measure and the pinching fat calipers. Those little suckers hurt sometimes, LOL.  But I was even more pleasantly surprised when he was finished.

Here were my results:
Lost 9.5 inches all over, 1/2 inch off my neck, 2 inches from chest around shoulders, 1.5 inches from my chest, 2.5 inches off my waist, 2 inches off my hips, 1/2 off my arms, 1/2 inch off my thighs.
Then Boyd figured out that I had:  lost 2.6% body fat, added 1.95 lbs of lean body mass, and lost 5.95 lbs of fat.

Wow! I was ecstatic!  I had really been sticking to everything pretty well, so it’s paying off.  YES!  It’s about time!

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The Diet

And now we come to the diet details.  Very strict, mostly lean proteins and vegetables.  Lots of water, and never eat a fat with a carb that’s not vegetables.  Throw in some good fats and carbs, and you have it.  Our trainer, Boyd, calls it his Caveman Diet.  You can find the full diet here:  Caveman Program The Diet

Oh, and one more thing, you have to eat 5 to 6 times a day.  That part is taking a little bit of getting used to.  One good thing is you don’t really get very hungry eating that often, so it’s been pretty easy to stick to, much easier than I thought it would be.  What is a bit difficult, for me anyway, is getting 4 meals ready to take with me to work every day.  I guess I just have to get a routine down and maybe pre-cook some food on the weekend.

The meals we eat are pretty simple so far.  Haven’t had time to experiment much since we are at the gym 3 times a week now! icon smile The Diet   There are a few good recipes on Boyd’s blog that we plan to try very soon.

Feng Shui can enhance any diet.  Using colors, smell, decorative items and even dishes, you can make your kitchen peaceful and relaxing.  Recently I purchased some new square black dinnerware.  Blue or black dishes will slow down your eating because they are yin, relaxing colors. Yang colors are red, orange, yellow, which stimulate the appetite. The square plate shape represents satisfaction, which may help you to eat less.  Also, eating on smaller plates can help some people.  The dishes I purchased are the first set in the list below.  We’ve had them a couple of weeks now, and my husband just remarked last night how much slower I am eating now.  I actually didn’t realize that it was the plates until I was writing this post!  I have been a fast eater all my life until now, and I know the dishes helped, there’s no other explanation, LOL.

Here are a few good square plate choices from :

Mikasa Gourmet Basics Bamboo Black 16 Pc. Set Service For 4 The Diet

Gibson Soho Lounge Square 16-piece Dinnerware Set Service for 4, Blue The Diet

Tempest Blue 16-pc. Dinnerware Set The Diet

222 5th Ceylon 16-Piece Dinnerware Square Service for 4, Black The Diet

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Training and Diet Have Begun!

We had our first training session this past Wednesday evening.  We started out with our trainer Boyd taking our measurements and pinching us with the “fat calipers”.  What he wrote down is secret for two weeks, we’ll see how we’ve done only then.  And we received strict instructions to stay off the scale, that it’s not a good indicator of our progress.  Yes Sir!  No problem here.

I’m going to be really brave here, and post my “before” pictures.  We took these that Wednesday morning, and weighed ourselves.  I weighed in at 185.5 lbs.  I’m 5ft. 1-1/2 in. tall, so I’m kinda hefty at this point, the most I’ve weighed so far.  Not a pretty picture.
2011 03 23 08 36 40 70 169x300 Training and Diet Have Begun!2011 03 23 08 36 54 429 169x300 Training and Diet Have Begun!

First off we warmed up on the elliptical for 5 minutes or so.  By the end of that 5 minutes I was breathing hard.  Using the treadmill at home is much easier than the elliptical trainer.

Next we did lots of squats and walking lunges, over and over, and it got harder and harder …   Used the leg press after that, seemed easier, but weight was added after every set, then leg extensions the same way.  There was a, I think it’s called, “decline bench” that we did a type of ab crunch on too.  There were other exercises but these were the one’s I remember the most.  This first workout was probably about 40 minutes long.  That was definitely plenty!  Our legs were so not used to using all those muscles and were wobbly; we had to hold on to each other stepping off the curb outside of the gym when we were leaving, LOL.  They actually felt weak from the workout.  I felt pretty good energy-wise that evening, but the legs did not have any energy left.

The next morning … I could feel it, definitely sore, but that evening and the next day ……… O M G,  it actually HURT to walk!  Hardest thing was getting up out of a chair and sitting back down.  Here we are doing this to feel better and stronger, and we both were walking around like 90 year olds! LOL

Our trainer really knows his stuff, and we could feel it.  It seems like if someone were going to quit his program, then they would do it very soon after that first session.  Well, we haven’t been scared off, we’re going to stick with it!

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