About Me

My name is Cheryl Castillo and I’m a Red Lotus Certified Feng Shui Master Consultant.

I’ve been interested in weight loss, natural health and CherylPic2 e1310351240622 About Memetaphysics for most of my life.  So I decided to start this blog/website to combine all the things I love learning about to help me AND you achieve the healthy body, mind and spirit we all want.

Ever since I could, I have been reading books.  In my younger years, science fiction was my all time favorite thing to read and watch on television.  Even now, it’s still my favorite subject for movies and television shows.  The sci-fi led to an interest in all things metaphysical.  After that, natural health, vitamins, herbs and weight loss became my main focus.

And then I heard of Feng Shui, read a book, and became very confused.  It wasn’t until I heard about and met Katie Weber, a friend of a friend of mine, that I started to learn Feng Shui the correct way, the classical Chinese way.

The creator and publisher of The Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui E-zine (#4 rated in the world) and website, Katie was trained by Feng Shui Master Lillian Too in Malaysia.  I took several of Katie’s Feng Shui workshops (every one she offered!) over the years and jumped at the chance to take her Master Consultant’s Course when it first came about in October of 2009.  It was such a wonderful experience that I chose to take it again in 2010 as a refresher course.

I’ve been a secretary/office manager for over 30 years, but with my in-depth Feng Shui training I want to also help people gain insight to their bodies as I gain insight to mine.  I am going to apply Feng Shui principles to weight loss, natural health and whatever else comes our way.  Body by Feng Shui is going to arm you with the information you need to help you maximize your weight loss and wellness naturally.

Join me on my journey of self-awareness, experimentation and health … It’s going to be interesting, amazing and fun!

Cheryl D. Castillo
San Antonio, TX


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