Juicing – A Great Way to Better Health

I first got interested in juicing when I saw the movie “FAT, SICK, & NEARLY DEAD” with Joe Cross.  It really made an impression on me!  If you want to get, be and stay healthy, make sure you watch this.  I believe juicing should be a part of everyone’s healthy diet.  And we’re talking about juicing mostly vegetables here, not a lot of fruit, especially not the high sugar ones.
I’ve been juicing off and on for almost a couple of years now.  I say off and on, because life gets in the way sometimes of keeping up with healthy habits.  What I do know is, that when I drink juice I make myself, from organic vegetables, at least twice a day, I feel fantastic!  I have more energy, any skin conditions clear up, my mood is better, everything in my body seems to work better.
The first juicer I bought was an inexpensive Waring Pro JEX328.
You can buy it on Amazon.com for only about $51.00 here:


I didn’t want to put a lot of money into one until I was sure I would continue juicing.  It really works very well for that price, and was very easy and fast to clean, which was a plus.
Within a month I started researching more juicers and found out there was a type called a “masticating” juicer.  These juicers had a much slower RPM – about 80, compared to the faster ones which were 500 – 1000+.
Using the faster juicers you really need to drink the juice right after you make it to be able to absorb all the good enzymes and nutrients in the juice.  With the slower juicers you have up to 72 hours to consume the juice.  They enable you to make more at one time, go thru the process, and less cleanup time overall.  Plus the slower juicer would juice greens and wheatgrass much much better.  I made the decision to buy the Omega VRT350HD .
The Omega brand had very good reviews and a long 10 year warranty.  It is a little pricey at about $400.00, but worth every penny!  The juice is higher quality and it’s much quieter too.  I’ve been very very happy with it.  emo1 Juicing   A Great Way to Better Health


Whatever type of juicer you decide to buy, just know that it will be great for your overall health, including body, mind and spirit!


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