Easy QiGong for Energy

The practice of QiGong started in ancient China thousands of years ago.  The word “qi” means “life force energy” and “gong” means “acquiring a skill through practice”.  QiGong is designed to enhance the body’s energy, using it to strengthen and heal all the body systems.

QiGong uses slow, gentle and repeating exercises to copy movements in nature, especially qigong 300x200 Easy QiGong for Energythat of water, to energize, strengthen and cleanse the body.  Along with the exercises, there are also breathing techniques that will help to relieve stress, increase the body’s own healing ability, and boost the immune system.

QiGong routines can be learned very quickly and are great for people of all fitness levels at any age.

My good friend Renae recently sent me some youtube videos of easy Qi Gong exercises she found online.  It’s a series of 4 videos, with 14 total exercises that only take 15 minutes to do.

These simple exercises have totally amazed me!

Nothing in my life so far has worked as well as these exercises to give me all the energy I need.  And for free!  And believe me, I’ve tried practically everything;  caffeine, diet pills, herbal pills, juices, vitamins, patches, everything!

I had to share these with you.  They are so easy and simple, anyone can do them!
If you like them and what they do for you, just order the author’s book and DVD from amazon here:

the book
The Qigong Rejuvenation Diet with Breathing and 14 Movements: An Integrated Method for Health and Wellness Easy QiGong for Energy

the DVD
The Qigong 14 Movements Easy QiGong for Energy

Here are the links to the youtube videos so you can watch and perform all of the exercises.
I try to do them every day, in the order shown, and right along with the videos.
Go for it!  Do them for a week and hopefully you’ll feel great with more energy too!

Exercises 1 thru 4:
Exercises 5 thru 8:
Exercises 9 thru 11:
Exercises 12 thru 14:
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