Feng Shui Thanksgiving

This article from my friend and mentor Kathryn Weber was just too good not to share this Thanksgiving holiday week.   I hope you, your family and friends all have a Thanksgiving filled with peace, love, laughter and good times!

Thanksgiving 2011 — A Cosmic and Feng Shui Challenge and How to Be Prepared

by Kathryn Weber on Thursday, November 17, 2011 at 4:35pm

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Next week is Thanksgiving and I’m looking forward to a quiet day, good food, a small celebration with my family. Last year was a big to-do with me cooking for 20 people. This year it’s just seven.

It’s a good thing, too.

This week could be a doozy for travel, difficult crowds, the usual family drama that unpacks its bags at ever family get together (or so it seems).


In addition to a new moon, we also have Mercury going retrograde on Thanksgiving Day and a partial solar eclipse right when everyone is headed out for midnight madness post-Thanksgiving early black Friday shopping.

I’ll be in bed. Asleep. With the covers pulled up and surrounded by a fluffy feather comforter.

So here’s what you need to know for Thanksgiving travel:

  • Guests may be late or not show up at all if you’re cooking
  • If you’re traveling, you might be late or not show up at all.
  • If you’re driving, bring your GPS device in case you’re stuck in a traffic jam or are re-routed. You’ll need to find another way to go.
  • Expect delays if you’re flying. Pack medicines and important items and a small toiletry case in the event you’re flight is delayed, cancelled, or rerouted. You’ll want a toothbrush with you.
  •  Make sure all luggage has plenty of identification on it. Losses by luggage handlers are likely.

 Here’s what you need to know for Thanksgiving Day and Mercury Retrograde:

 Mercury Retrograde begins November 24, 2011 at 2:19 am, EST.

  • People might be edgier than normal. Let it flow and let it go.
  • You might be edgier than normal. Have another glass of wine and mellow out.
  • Do NOT go shopping for electronics at midnight madness sales. Your items will either break, won’t work right, or the recipient won’t use it.
  • Write a list of everything you’re preparing so you don’t forget things.
  • Cook, clean and do as many things ahead of guests as you can. Cook the turkey the day ahead even. Seriously, snafus are going to happen.

Here’s what you need to know for the New Moon and the Eclipse:

The exact time of the November  NEW MOON and partial Solar Eclipse is Friday, November 25, 2011 at 1:10 am, EST.

  • Make New Moon wishes late in the evening on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Make some New Moon wishes for our country, our earth and our world. We all need it.
  • Make some wishes to bring peace and comfort in your life.
  •  Focus your wishes on Sagittarian themes of creating a stronger identity, more personal freedom or adventure, optimism, spirituality, trust in positive outcomes, greater influence, international travel.

Feng Shui for Thanksgiving — How to Debone the Turkeys at the Table

We all know that holidays mark a time when the people you never see except once or twice a year are all in the room. In feng shui talk that means tension. Old grudges come up, feelings get hurt, you name it. 

It could be worse this year.

So here’s a feng shui prescription to de-fuse Thanksgiving:

  • Add red colors to make people hungry and focus on the food and not who got Aunt Sally’s spoon collection.
  • Put out some candles (unscented ones) to burn up excess wood (the element that represents family) and stop arguments and nasty sniping
  • Add red and orange flowers to the table to burn up the wood energy.
  • Use the silver to stop the wood energy
  • Be sure to have some small finger foods for everyone to nibble so they’re not “hangry” (angry/hungry) because the turkey’s not on the table yet.

For more ideas, read on here:


Start thinking about the New Year because it is certainly headed our way. Get your big picture ideas into your New Moon wishes because the archer is known for his name.

 Have a safe holiday and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


 Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui E-zine and certified feng shui consultant in classical Chinese feng shui. Kathryn helps her readers improve their lives and generate more wealth with feng shui. For more information and to receive her FREE Ebook “The Cash Register at Your Front Door” visit www.redlotusletter.com and learn the fast and fun way how feng shui can make your life more prosperous and abundant!

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