Cardio Workout

Well, I didn’t start using the Slim in 6 DVD last week.  I just started it a few days ago.

I couldn’t even find the DVD at first, since it had been so long since I used it.  I looked everywhere for about 30 minutes, then it dawned on me that it might still be in the DVD
player where I used it last.

Went to the DVD player … it wouldn’t open!  The display would light up and act like it
was working, but there was no sound of anything working.  We got some needlenose
pliers and forced it open, and lo and behold! …

the DVD was there! Yay!

Ok, finally I could do my workout, LOL, before I get too tired to even start!  If you’re like me, that has been a big problem over the years.  You get home from work, relax a little,
maybe eat dinner, then you’re too tired to workout.  That’s why I have to make sure I do my workout before dinner.

The workout started out easy enough, but about 10 minutes into it I noticed that my arms were getting tired.  There was a lot of holding your arms out in front of you and moving them different ways while doing different things with your legs.  The leg part was fairly easy but I wasn’t used to keeping my arms up for that long a time continuously.

It reminded me of being in the high school card section at football games where we held 4951147745 3d24cf32c8 300x199 Cardio Workoutup different colored cards at different times to make different messages or pictures that could be seen from across the stadium.  I remember our arms really aching from doing that, because we had to hold them up for 30 to 40 minutes at a time if I remember right.  I don’t even think they do that at high school games any more!

The Slim-in-6 1st workout was only 30 minutes (I had thought it was 45), but it got me sweating and I felt a little sore in a few places so it definitely worked.  I also found a bunch more old workout videos that I hadn’t used in a while, so I might change it up a little from week to week.

Do you have any favorite workout videos that you love?  Let me know!

Here’s a funny exercise-related joke picture I received today:

***Daily Exercise Routine For Seniors***
ExerciseBlock 300x176 Cardio Workout



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