My Review of New Anti-Aging Nighttime Skin Cream … Nerium AD

I was recently introduced to a new nighttime skincare product by my daughter-in-law.  She had been using it for only a couple of weeks and the condition of her skin was amazing!  Her skin was so clear, smooth and such a great color that I really thought she was wearing base makeup or powder!

I tried it only one night, and could hardly believe it when I could tell a difference the next morning.  I had to order it!  And since it has a 30 day money back guarantee, what did I have to lose?

This new product is called Nerium AD and contains a special plant extract and other natural ingredients.  You can read about it here:  The Science_Behind_NeriumAD.

Third-party clinical trials show that NeriumAD dramatically reduces the appearance of:
Fine Lines and Wrinkles            Discoloration             Uneven Skin Texture
Enlarged Pores                           Aging Skin

I’ve never found just one product that will do all of that.  Plus, using it is extremely easy.  In the evening, you make sure your face and neck are clean, then dampen with water.  Apply 4 pumps of Nerium AD to your face and neck, lightly work it in and let dry.  As it dries, you will feel a slight tightening effect.  Simply go to bed, and when you wake up in the morning, rinse it off, and apply your normal daytime moisturizer. Just one simple step in the evening!

Below are my own results after 8 days. Not as much as some people, but enough to tell a difference and get me excited!  These pictures are without makeup (don’t look too close LOL), but I do have permanent eyeliner and eyebrows.

CherylFace8 300x230 My Review of New Anti Aging Nighttime Skin Cream ... Nerium AD

If you click on the picture it will open larger in a new window.  You can see where the lines under my eyes and neck are less and some of the redness in my chin has gone away. Also, the lines on either side of my nose going down to my mouth have improved too.

Actually, pretty significant for 8 days I would say!

And here is a close up of my eyes where you can see the difference more easily …

CherylEyes8 230x300 My Review of New Anti Aging Nighttime Skin Cream ... Nerium AD

This is THE BEST night cream I have ever used!  Even now after 30 days, my skin is softer and smoother and just keeps getting better.  One extremely nice surprise I have noticed lately is that the small skin tags on my neck are going away too!

One thing that is very important to do before using Nerium is take “before” pictures of the problem areas on your face.  And take periodic “after” pictures.  Sometimes you won’t notice the difference by looking at your face, but you will when you compare the before and after pictures side by side.

Here are some amazing before and afters from other people:
Nerium Before/After Pictures

The company, Nerium International, even has a contest every 90 days that all customers can enter using their before and after pictures to win a spa vacation in Miami!

When I found out all of this, I became a Brand Partner to let everyone know about Nerium.  You can order Nerium at the lowest price of only $80.00 (+s&h,tx) as a Preferred Customer AND learn how you can get your product for FREE!

Just click here now.

Email me at if you have any questions at all …

I’d be glad to help.  icon smile My Review of New Anti Aging Nighttime Skin Cream ... Nerium AD Cheryl

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Juicing – A Great Way to Better Health

I first got interested in juicing when I saw the movie “FAT, SICK, & NEARLY DEAD” with Joe Cross.  It really made an impression on me!  If you want to get, be and stay healthy, make sure you watch this.  I believe juicing should be a part of everyone’s healthy diet.  And we’re talking about juicing mostly vegetables here, not a lot of fruit, especially not the high sugar ones.
I’ve been juicing off and on for almost a couple of years now.  I say off and on, because life gets in the way sometimes of keeping up with healthy habits.  What I do know is, that when I drink juice I make myself, from organic vegetables, at least twice a day, I feel fantastic!  I have more energy, any skin conditions clear up, my mood is better, everything in my body seems to work better.
The first juicer I bought was an inexpensive Waring Pro JEX328.
You can buy it on for only about $51.00 here:


I didn’t want to put a lot of money into one until I was sure I would continue juicing.  It really works very well for that price, and was very easy and fast to clean, which was a plus.
Within a month I started researching more juicers and found out there was a type called a “masticating” juicer.  These juicers had a much slower RPM – about 80, compared to the faster ones which were 500 – 1000+.
Using the faster juicers you really need to drink the juice right after you make it to be able to absorb all the good enzymes and nutrients in the juice.  With the slower juicers you have up to 72 hours to consume the juice.  They enable you to make more at one time, go thru the process, and less cleanup time overall.  Plus the slower juicer would juice greens and wheatgrass much much better.  I made the decision to buy the Omega VRT350HD .
The Omega brand had very good reviews and a long 10 year warranty.  It is a little pricey at about $400.00, but worth every penny!  The juice is higher quality and it’s much quieter too.  I’ve been very very happy with it.  emo1 Juicing   A Great Way to Better Health


Whatever type of juicer you decide to buy, just know that it will be great for your overall health, including body, mind and spirit!


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Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Right for You?

I had heard about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) off and on for the last 10 years or so.  I always thought, “I’ll never need that, I’ll be just fine, my Mom never needed it.”

Turns out, I probably DID need it ten years or so ago!

About eight months ago I heard about a natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy that uses hormone pellets implanted under the skin throught a small incision in your upper hip area. The procedure is painless and only takes about 5 minutes. These pellets release a low dose of the hormones into the blood stream when the body needs it, which is a more natural way to receive them.  These hormones are derived from natural plants sources only – no horse urine or fillers. They last from 3 – 4 months for women, and 4 – 6 months for men.

When I heard about the benefits they provided, I knew I had to try them!

These benefits apply to both men and women:
Enhanced libido/sex drive
Decrease in body fat & greater capacity to get in shape
Increase energy levels
Increased mental focus and improved memory
Consistency in moods & an increased sense of overall well-being
For women:  Protection from heart disease
For men:  Increase in muscle size, weight & strength

Being 55, and in menopause, I could use all those benefits, especially the increase in energy.  I think I had been tired most of the time for the last 10 years!

So in May 2012, I received my first dose of pellets.  Within 3 days, my night sweats were completely gone. (Yeah!)  In about a week and a half I could tell my energy was increasing slowly.  They tell you that the hormones actually work better if you exercise regularly.  For some people, they experience the energy boost much quicker than I did.  Turned out that I actually needed extra testosterone, so when I received that, my energy level increase dramatically.  Well, by July I finally had plenty of energy to exercise! And it gave me the self co2013 01 24 21 52 25 31 169x300 Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Right for You?ntrol to diet and count calories.

So far I’ve lost 29 pounds,(another 30 to go) and I believe the hormone pellets helped my body and mind feel good enough to finally be able do it.  Now I don’t know how I managed for the last 10 years without them.  For me, they have been a lifesaver!!!

Here are two websites where you find more information on these hormone pellets and a list of the doctors that do the procedure:      or

I hope they help you like they helped me!  icon smile Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Right for You?


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Health by Roncar


I would like to share with you a newsletter I get from my wonderful friends Norma & Robert Victor.
Norma is an NormaVictor 150x150 Health by Roncarordained minister and channels Roncar.  Robert is a fellow Red Lotus Master Feng Shui consultant.  Their newsletter and audio from Roncar concerns “health” and is very inspiring and uplifting.  Learn more about them and Roncar at


RoncarBanner 300x82 Health by RoncarAUDIO UPDATE NEWSLETTER From RONCAR Speaks

Even though we have had a delightfully mild winter here in northern NJ so far, that has not stopped the cold and flu season. For the past 4 weeks I have been battling one of the most pernicious colds I can remember. Looking back I can blame it on the stress of  the holidays with an active social season, and a demanding year end work load. However, often you think, “could this have been avoided?’

This question must be on the mind of many for Health was the main topic of discussion for Roncar this week. However, as you might expect Roncar brought the subject of health, into the realm of healing and the path to personal growth. Roncar’s premise is that the illnesses or injuries in your life are a key to discovering the issues that you have been avoiding. If you feel unable or insecure in your life, illness will eventually find its way into your life on some level.  When ignored, things which cause unhappiness or that are destructive in you’re your life, tend to grow into a larger obstacle within the mind and ultimately make the situation appear much larger than it really is. As a result you may create an illness or attract an accident as an excuse to not take the actions needed to address your dilemma. You may ask how an illness or physical affliction can become a pathway to greater perfection, but the answer lies in the optimistic axiom that “What does not kill you serves to make you stronger.”

Everyone knows that when you have a bug or a flu virus, by the time the body heals itself, it has developed immunity to that same bug. In a sense the body has become smarter. The same is true on the mental level. By observing the consequences of your actions and learning how to make better decisions, you become smarter and wiser, and  as you become smarter and wiser you also become healthier.

Some of us work at it consciously and others just grow through the process, but eventually you develop the ability to successfully deal with issues as they arise. As a result your consciousness becomes as clear as clean running water free from pollutants, and free from the kind of contamination that ultimately results in illness or injury.

The bottom line is “Good metal health is essential for good physical health.” By taking the time to explore the mental source or cause for the physical issues within your body, you can discover a path of action to heal both body and mind.  This concept presents a concept that could never be explored in one simple excerpt, but maybe it might get you thinking?

The Path of Health, Healing & Personal Growth (from 01-24-12)

AudioButton. 150 Health by Roncar


As the New Year begins it is a time of both reflection and anticipation. We review both our triumphs and our short comings in the previous year and look forward to making the changes that bring about our greater success and happiness in the future. As a result Norma has had numerous requests for private readings. If you are looking for some inspiration or guidance particular to your life, Norma is available for private reading with Roncar as well as with her adept skill as a Tarot reader. Reading can be done in person at Norma’s office, over the phone, or even on Skype. For the month of January, Norma is extending a 10% discount on her normal fee for private readings. Simply mention this newsletter when you email or call for an appointment. For more information, click here. Thank you for your continued interest in the teachings of Roncar. We look forward to exploring and uncovering the truth that lies before our eyes and between our ears
Happy Listening!
Warm Regards, Robert Victor,  Editor

Ustream Tile Health by Roncar
Book a Reading 150 Health by Roncar
Have A Question Health by Roncar
Have a Question – Get An Answer
youtube logo.2 Health by Roncar


Listen to some great archived excerpts from previous sessions. Click Here
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Easy QiGong for Energy

The practice of QiGong started in ancient China thousands of years ago.  The word “qi” means “life force energy” and “gong” means “acquiring a skill through practice”.  QiGong is designed to enhance the body’s energy, using it to strengthen and heal all the body systems.

QiGong uses slow, gentle and repeating exercises to copy movements in nature, especially qigong 300x200 Easy QiGong for Energythat of water, to energize, strengthen and cleanse the body.  Along with the exercises, there are also breathing techniques that will help to relieve stress, increase the body’s own healing ability, and boost the immune system.

QiGong routines can be learned very quickly and are great for people of all fitness levels at any age.

My good friend Renae recently sent me some youtube videos of easy Qi Gong exercises she found online.  It’s a series of 4 videos, with 14 total exercises that only take 15 minutes to do.

These simple exercises have totally amazed me!

Nothing in my life so far has worked as well as these exercises to give me all the energy I need.  And for free!  And believe me, I’ve tried practically everything;  caffeine, diet pills, herbal pills, juices, vitamins, patches, everything!

I had to share these with you.  They are so easy and simple, anyone can do them!
If you like them and what they do for you, just order the author’s book and DVD from amazon here:

the book
The Qigong Rejuvenation Diet with Breathing and 14 Movements: An Integrated Method for Health and Wellness Easy QiGong for Energy

the DVD
The Qigong 14 Movements Easy QiGong for Energy

Here are the links to the youtube videos so you can watch and perform all of the exercises.
I try to do them every day, in the order shown, and right along with the videos.
Go for it!  Do them for a week and hopefully you’ll feel great with more energy too!

Exercises 1 thru 4:
Exercises 5 thru 8:
Exercises 9 thru 11:
Exercises 12 thru 14:
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Use This Easy Low Cost Natural Remedy for Colds and Flu

Here is a great home remedy to stop a cold or the flu in it’s tracks!8121237 vitamins medicines and hot tea in front woman caught cold sleeping in background Use This Easy Low Cost Natural Remedy for Colds and Flu

Cold and flu season is now upon us.  Lower your chances of getting really sick by using this great trick that some doctors even recommend!

872613 an image of a brown bottle Use This Easy Low Cost Natural Remedy for Colds and FluGet some regular 3% hydrogen peroxide from your local pharmacy or grocery store.
It costs maybe a dollar or so.

Pour out a capful or get a dropper and fill it.  You should have some tissues or a paper towel nearby also.  Lie down on your side and pour the capful or use the dropper to fill the ear that is facing up with the peroxide.  You will hear crackling noises as it bubbles and it could itch or tickle a little.  In some cases there could be a slight sting if your ear is infected.  Stay lying on your side up to 10 minutes or until the noises stop.  Sit up and immediately drain your ear into the tissues or paper towel to get rid of the peroxide, and blot dry.  Now repeat the whole process on your other ear.

That’s it!  Simple huh?!

Do this at least twice a day as soon as you feel any symptoms of a cold or the flu coming on.  It is more effective the earlier you start it.  Some recommend using it every few hours until symptoms go away.  Do your own research on the internet and decide how often would be right for you. Thousands of people have used this with great results.  Myself and my husband have used it over the past several years and it always works to get rid of our cold or flu symptoms.  We normally use it two to three times a day for the first day.  Then, if we aren’t feeling better, we will start doing the treatment every few hours.

This treatment is based on the hypothesis that cold and flu viruses enter the body through the ears. The hydrogen peroxide bubbles up in the ear and kills germs, etc.  Gargling with 3% peroxide is also a good way to help chase away colds and the flu.  If the taste is too strong, dilute it with a little water at first to get used to it.

Try it and let me know how it works for you!

In Chinese medicine the lungs and chest are associated with the element of metal, and directions of west and northwest.  Feng Shui indicates that a lack of metal in these areas of your home can cause imbalances in your health.  To help alleviate these types of cold and flu symptoms you can add the metal element in the form of a metal decorative piece or metal 6-rod hollow windchime to the West and Northwest areas of your home.

Here is a great video of natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola talking about the same treatment:

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Feng Shui Thanksgiving

This article from my friend and mentor Kathryn Weber was just too good not to share this Thanksgiving holiday week.   I hope you, your family and friends all have a Thanksgiving filled with peace, love, laughter and good times!

Thanksgiving 2011 — A Cosmic and Feng Shui Challenge and How to Be Prepared

by Kathryn Weber on Thursday, November 17, 2011 at 4:35pm

308228 10150465284369048 683844047 10471824 501216381 a Feng Shui Thanksgiving   It’s almost Turkey Time!

Next week is Thanksgiving and I’m looking forward to a quiet day, good food, a small celebration with my family. Last year was a big to-do with me cooking for 20 people. This year it’s just seven.

It’s a good thing, too.

This week could be a doozy for travel, difficult crowds, the usual family drama that unpacks its bags at ever family get together (or so it seems).


In addition to a new moon, we also have Mercury going retrograde on Thanksgiving Day and a partial solar eclipse right when everyone is headed out for midnight madness post-Thanksgiving early black Friday shopping.

I’ll be in bed. Asleep. With the covers pulled up and surrounded by a fluffy feather comforter.

So here’s what you need to know for Thanksgiving travel:

  • Guests may be late or not show up at all if you’re cooking
  • If you’re traveling, you might be late or not show up at all.
  • If you’re driving, bring your GPS device in case you’re stuck in a traffic jam or are re-routed. You’ll need to find another way to go.
  • Expect delays if you’re flying. Pack medicines and important items and a small toiletry case in the event you’re flight is delayed, cancelled, or rerouted. You’ll want a toothbrush with you.
  •  Make sure all luggage has plenty of identification on it. Losses by luggage handlers are likely.

 Here’s what you need to know for Thanksgiving Day and Mercury Retrograde:

 Mercury Retrograde begins November 24, 2011 at 2:19 am, EST.

  • People might be edgier than normal. Let it flow and let it go.
  • You might be edgier than normal. Have another glass of wine and mellow out.
  • Do NOT go shopping for electronics at midnight madness sales. Your items will either break, won’t work right, or the recipient won’t use it.
  • Write a list of everything you’re preparing so you don’t forget things.
  • Cook, clean and do as many things ahead of guests as you can. Cook the turkey the day ahead even. Seriously, snafus are going to happen.

Here’s what you need to know for the New Moon and the Eclipse:

The exact time of the November  NEW MOON and partial Solar Eclipse is Friday, November 25, 2011 at 1:10 am, EST.

  • Make New Moon wishes late in the evening on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Make some New Moon wishes for our country, our earth and our world. We all need it.
  • Make some wishes to bring peace and comfort in your life.
  •  Focus your wishes on Sagittarian themes of creating a stronger identity, more personal freedom or adventure, optimism, spirituality, trust in positive outcomes, greater influence, international travel.

Feng Shui for Thanksgiving — How to Debone the Turkeys at the Table

We all know that holidays mark a time when the people you never see except once or twice a year are all in the room. In feng shui talk that means tension. Old grudges come up, feelings get hurt, you name it. 

It could be worse this year.

So here’s a feng shui prescription to de-fuse Thanksgiving:

  • Add red colors to make people hungry and focus on the food and not who got Aunt Sally’s spoon collection.
  • Put out some candles (unscented ones) to burn up excess wood (the element that represents family) and stop arguments and nasty sniping
  • Add red and orange flowers to the table to burn up the wood energy.
  • Use the silver to stop the wood energy
  • Be sure to have some small finger foods for everyone to nibble so they’re not “hangry” (angry/hungry) because the turkey’s not on the table yet.

For more ideas, read on here:

Start thinking about the New Year because it is certainly headed our way. Get your big picture ideas into your New Moon wishes because the archer is known for his name.

 Have a safe holiday and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


 Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui E-zine and certified feng shui consultant in classical Chinese feng shui. Kathryn helps her readers improve their lives and generate more wealth with feng shui. For more information and to receive her FREE Ebook “The Cash Register at Your Front Door” visit and learn the fast and fun way how feng shui can make your life more prosperous and abundant!

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Get My Free Report!

My long absence from posting on this blog is due to my working on my new report,
“The 25 Things That Are Secretly Making You Fat … That You Can Change RIGHT NOW!”

That’s at least partially true, the rest is just due to life happening and a busy summer.

You can get my new report FREE just by clicking on the link or picture to the right and signing up for our email list.  There’s a future health & feng shui newsletter in the works too!

SIGN UP NOW AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!  icon smile Get My Free Report!


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Cardio Workout

Well, I didn’t start using the Slim in 6 DVD last week.  I just started it a few days ago.

I couldn’t even find the DVD at first, since it had been so long since I used it.  I looked everywhere for about 30 minutes, then it dawned on me that it might still be in the DVD
player where I used it last.

Went to the DVD player … it wouldn’t open!  The display would light up and act like it
was working, but there was no sound of anything working.  We got some needlenose
pliers and forced it open, and lo and behold! …

the DVD was there! Yay!

Ok, finally I could do my workout, LOL, before I get too tired to even start!  If you’re like me, that has been a big problem over the years.  You get home from work, relax a little,
maybe eat dinner, then you’re too tired to workout.  That’s why I have to make sure I do my workout before dinner.

The workout started out easy enough, but about 10 minutes into it I noticed that my arms were getting tired.  There was a lot of holding your arms out in front of you and moving them different ways while doing different things with your legs.  The leg part was fairly easy but I wasn’t used to keeping my arms up for that long a time continuously.

It reminded me of being in the high school card section at football games where we held 4951147745 3d24cf32c8 300x199 Cardio Workoutup different colored cards at different times to make different messages or pictures that could be seen from across the stadium.  I remember our arms really aching from doing that, because we had to hold them up for 30 to 40 minutes at a time if I remember right.  I don’t even think they do that at high school games any more!

The Slim-in-6 1st workout was only 30 minutes (I had thought it was 45), but it got me sweating and I felt a little sore in a few places so it definitely worked.  I also found a bunch more old workout videos that I hadn’t used in a while, so I might change it up a little from week to week.

Do you have any favorite workout videos that you love?  Let me know!

Here’s a funny exercise-related joke picture I received today:

***Daily Exercise Routine For Seniors***
ExerciseBlock 300x176 Cardio Workout



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500 lbs?! 650 lbs?!!!

Yesterday I was tired all day. Went into our training session at 5:15 PM feeling that way too. Did our usual 10 minute cardio warm-up, I felt a little better … then Boyd had us go straight to the leg press.

Little did I know that I would leg press 500 pounds! and my husband Robert 650!

I couldn’t believe he did that!  Talk about being “pumped” up!

I don’t know how he does it, but our trainer Boyd seems to know just when we would be able to handle more weight during our workouts. I certainly didn’t know! I left there feeling much better and energized too.

I still haven’t lost any more “weight” yet, and that is pushing me to find something different to do in my training “off” days. I have been trying the “get up earlier” to do 20 minutes of extra cardio, but it hasn’t been really working for me. Lately I’ve had to much to do in the evenings, and get to bed late, so getting up earlier than 7am is not an option. I’m one of those that needs at least 7 hours sleep, if not 8 or more. So sometime this week I’m going to start doing a cardio workout video called Debbie Siebers’ Slim in 6 500 lbs?! 650 lbs?!!!(weeks). You know, it’s one of those I bought several years ago with high hopes and ambition, used it for a week or two and then fizzled out. I can’t even count how many times I’ve done that! But I thought it might be time to try it again since I am really in better shape, muscle and cardio wise, than I have been in a long time. I’ll report on how that goes after I continuously succeed to do it for a week or two.IMG959803 223x300 500 lbs?! 650 lbs?!!!

We did something fun this weekend. We went to dinner with friends at a place that was dance club also. It was our wedding anniversary this Monday, so we made Saturday evening our night out to celebrate. It was a lot of fun to be out like that, and dancing! Yes, my husband actually danced with me! Made me feel like I was in my 20′s again. icon biggrin 500 lbs?! 650 lbs?!!! Good exercise too! I had forgotten how much fun that can be. We were drinking wine, and water too. Remember, moderation is definitely the key (and good Feng Shui) to treating your body right and not feeling bad the next day!

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